Anasayfaya Dön

General Information

Job description for the directorate of information processing



1) to assess scientific studies, developments and research inside and outside the University recorded in computer.

2) to establish a multi-user computer system, to estiblish network of the university intra-inter campus, make its operation and provide internet connection in regional and international and other centers.

3) to ensure the equipment maintenance, repair of all  computers in the university.

4) the enable the various units at the university carry out their the duties in a computer-aided way .

5) to be helpful for university computer trainings, to support them, to carry out the works of the  computer systems for a variety of purposes, to prepare / buy  the programs.

6) to meet the needs revealed during teaching, research and training activities at the university in the shortest time and in a most convenient way, from within the country or from abroad. To respond to the institutions that need the studies and researches made inside the university.

7) to prepare the web-site of the university and ensure that they are updated

Mission and Responsibility

1) to provide the required facilities for the computer-aided scientific and technological researches that  contribute to the development and recovery of our country.

2) to share databases used by the information systems with other scientific institutions and organizations in inside and outside the country, and to perform computer applications if needed.

3) to prepare computer infrastructure and network systems that are necessary for research, development and implementation, to provide the neceassery electronic devices and their software from and within outside the country.

4) to develop new softwares according to the existing data-base at the University.

5) to do the maintenance, repair and technical services of the various computer systems in the university.

6 ) to organize scientific and educational meetings such as seminars, symposia, congresses, conferences  that are related with the field of education, training, research and development, to make publications,  to do the joint studies and researches if needed with the regional and international individuals and institutions in theese issues.
7 ) to train skilled workers in computer-related issues, to carry out the education and training activities.

8 ) to plan and manage all of the works of information processing of the university, to manage development information processing services and business studies with the new or developed systems, to support the development of the University' works through making collaborations with end-users.

9) to provide effective service for the users by directing he resources information technology in the required way.

10) to appoint  the unit's personel who have the responsibilities of the computers given to each (faculties, departments, branch offices, etc.) units that are available inside the university in order to provide all kinds of physical and logical security, to prepare job description notifying the duties and responsibilities and to submit them to the relevan units.

11) to assign the personel who are responsable for the network in order to keep discipline in the use of computer networks  in network environment, to prepare work schedule that states their duties, autorithies and responsibilities.

12) to prepare password security, file security also ,if needed, security disciplinary duideline that provides security with virtual network for each users, the purpose is to put information files of the end-users under the discipline when they can not access to informations’files of each other in the network environment.

13) to provide in-service training to the administrative staff of the university about the computer operating system and their programs.

14) to administrate the Information Technology Center (BIM).

15) to supervise the work done in BIM.

16) to make assessments that contains all the technological advances developed in BIM and  those that are in the framwork of the university's plans and objectives, and to take measures about the future and to present the recommendations.

17) to implement  the decisions university’s board.

18) To prepare the annual budget of the Department of Information Technology.

19) to make technical membership , if necessary, in the commission of the the purchase related to the purchase of all kinds of computers and equipments that the university need. 

20) to make agreements of maintenance when the date of all the hardware and software of the university has come.  

21) to evaluate the new hardware and software technology and to determine if they are in compliance with the universitiy’s needs, to develop the methods and standards, to ensure the integritiy with the wholeness, and to enforce these.

22) to prepare web-site of the university and to ensure that the pages are updated.


  Distribution and the Tasks  of department of information processing

 Support Group of infrastructure

1) to train the technicians service of the groups of data processing department (CC).

2) to plan and implement the campus network’s cabling jobs together with Network Group.

3) to prepare both the network and electrical infrastructure the PC rooms together with the User Support Group.

4) to intervene the wiring and electrical problems in the system’s room together with technical support group.

5) to make the periodic cleaning of the computers in BIDB and its laboratories, and to resolve hardware failures that can be done.

6) to prepare periodic maintenance, inspection, fault response, new purchase and technical specifications with regard to infrastructure devices such as UPS, air conditioning, security system in BIDB’s building and laboratories and to plan and execute such works.

7) to communicate with the university’s construction works and technical department and on the issues concering BIDB, to make demands and to conclude them.

8) to support the materials and workmanship  to the various units of the university about the network infrastructures.


nformatics Group

1) to present the options to the university users and those users who want to get information about the University in Turkey and in the world using various tools so that they meet the needs came from the communication and receiving information in a electronical environment. (Web tools, electronic lists and forums are of these tools that are the most basic ones).

2) to do the maintenance, operation and the informatics services and the website design of  the university of.

3) to do updating and maintaining of the website design of information processing’s department.

4) to do the design and updating of the website for "university candidates".


Administrative Support Group

In accordance with the aims and objectives Data Processing Department;

1) to ensure the realization of computing needs (software, hardware, services, etc..) of the university and other requests in BIDB, within the framework of the allocated resources and the prepared plans by taking care  of efficient and effective use of resources.

2) to ensure that the realised expenditures made for storing material / device have been recorded officially by establishing coordination with the Department of Administrative and Financial Affairs.

3) to ensure the implementation of the activities of “human resources” with purpose that the existing staff  are productive. It is also responsible for the provision of manpower needed for BIDB.

4) to ensure the execution of the works  of data collection / evaluation / interpretation / reporting

with the strategic planning.

5) to ensure that the works of the secretariat, tea, paperwork, cleaning and so on for the BIDB’s staff are being carried out on a daily basis.

6) to ensure the coordination of BIDB with other groups in the issues that are under responsibility of them and the works they are involved in.

7) to support domestic units of the university and on behalf/inside BIDB ,if necessary ,in appropriate cases.


User Support Group

1) to create to interface between users and BIDB’s other groups in order to ensure that the users-groups which interact with the BIDB make use of the opportunities BIDB presented.

2) to introduce the services offered by the BIDB and to offer support and consulting services for them.

 Ortak kullanıma yönelik bilgisayar salonlarının idari işletimini ve teknik desteğini sağlamak.

3) to provide administrative operation and technical support to the computer room with the purpose of common use.

4) to provide computer support  to to the projects  and the administrative units identified by the BIDB.

5) to contribute to the works that BIDB makes for the information security.

6) to give the trains about the basic computer use.

7) To prepare the printed and electronic publications.

8) to provide licensed software support for use in the campus.

9) to arrange the organizations on behalf of BIDB.

10) to organize and to develop the computer  coordination mechanism that has been set up campus-wide in order to reach the end-user.


Network Group

1) to offer the required safe and high-quality network access opportunity to university students, administrative and academic staff  so that they have interaction communication with themselves and with the whole Internet community  inside and outside the campus, and to ensure the continuity of the network access services.

2) to make projects for the preparation of network infrastructure in newly built or renovated buildings by providing coordination with the Department of Construction and Technical and to do the control  after project.


Technical Support Group


To ensure the maintenance of servers that are available and to give the technical support for the following services conducted in these servers.

1) www, e-mail, lister, the follow-up of newsgroups.

2) updating of the software package.

3) to give support for software development languages ​​(C, C ++, parallel programming, Visual tools, PHP, NET, etc..)

4) to provide a interactive use (telnet, ftp, pop, etc.).

5) To assist in the use of the applications (Library, Student Affairs, the Office of Personnel etc..).

6) to ensure the Domain name and its DNS usage and management (

7) to ensure hardware / software management and continuity in the central servers 365 days / 24 hours.